Kid Turboni Brings the Rain by Mark Costello

Do you know that feeling when a play – or other work of art – just gets you in the sweet spot?  It’s not that it wrecks you, or that it opens up new worlds of never-before-conceived thought or anything like that; it’s just a play that makes you go “Yesssss.”  It’s a play that makes you go “Mmmm,” like an ice cream cone might make you go “Mmmm.”  That was my experience today as I read Kid Turboni Brings the Rain by talented playwright Mark Costello.  This as-yet-unpublished show, set in the glistening urban heat of the Albuquerque projects, offers up the notion that summertime miracles might still be possible for those who earn them (or steal them).  The story is launched with a telling of the myth of Smack Turkenson, “first American hero,” who once upon a time brought relief to local residents in the form of rain.  Sick of being sticky, hot, and thirsty, young neighborhood personalities Billy and Kid devote themselves to recreating the miracle, and as they do the reader/audience member gets a glimpse into the life events – both natural and supernatural – of the residents of Housing Project 326A.  I enjoyed every moment of this play, and I encourage those who might be looking for drama for young audiences to bang on Mark Costello’s door.  And then go, “Mmmmm.”

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